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Welcome to our site, we are sisters from the UK who grew up in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. Holidays have been a huge part of our upbringing and travelling and exploring new places is a big part of our lives. Specialist interests include theme parks, particularly Disneyland Paris/Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, so be prepared to hear plenty of our favourite things to do in our favourite places.

I’m Holly, a Maths graduate who works in marketing for a well-known UK holiday company. Disney has always been instilled in me from a young age and something which always had made me smile. My favourite destination so far is Orlando Florida because I love going to Walt Disney World. However, when it comes to theme park holidays, it is my belief that Universal Studios Orlando is at the top of its game right now. My favourite thing is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It is so immersive, unique and breathtaking no matter how many times you have seen it.

I’m Lucy, a zoologist specialising in behavioural ecology. I love Disney so much I got a Disney wedding dress (Tiana – obviously), and although it nearly bankrupt me I regret nothing! The best place I’ve ever been to has to be California. It is such a beautiful and diverse place, from exploring cities like San Diego to the wilderness in Yosemite there are so many different holidays available within that one state. That being said, there is no greater feeling that walking down Main Street USA on the first day of your holiday, whether it be Paris, Florida or California.

Hopefully we can keep your attention long enough to share a little bit of magic and wonder, and maybe even inspire trips and help you plan one of your own!
Enjoy 😀

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