Here at Maleficent Adventures we love Christmas markets, each year we go away with our sisters to a different European Christmas market for the weekend. This year we travelled to Hamburg for a weekend filled with mulled wine, bratwurst and good times.

We went to so many Christmas markets over the weekend that, in true Maleficent Adventures style, we decided to rank our top 9 and here they are:


  1. Rathausmarkt
    This is the largest market (we found) in Hamburg. Nestled next to the majestic and historic town hall, this market is packed with stalls selling everything from decorations to local delicacies and is a must see for all visitors to Hamburg in the festive period.

Käthe Wohlfahrt is by far always our favourite stall which specialises in Christmas decorations. It is filled with hundreds of very delicate ornaments to suit every taste, and whilst we had to queue to get in the door, this meant once we were in we had time to browse and weren’t rushed by the large crowd of market goers. It’s a winter wonderland!


  1. Mönckebergstrasse Christmas Market
    Along the streets of Hamburg, these market stall facades reminded us of wild west saloons. Regardless of the size this was a great place to pick up some tasty food and drinks with much smaller crowd then in the squares


  1. Christmas market at the church of St. Petri
    Located near the Rathaus this market snaked round the back of the historic church. It was nice and quiet during the day for perusing the stalls and had a few good places to perch with a hot beverage.

Look, even the cups match each individual market!


  1. Gänsemarkt market
    Nestled in a small square was Gänsemarkt Christmas market. All the stalls were designed to look like Gingerbread houses and whilst we were there it continued to snow making a magical backdrop for a cheeky mulled wine.


  1. Fleet Christmas Market
    We came here in the evening, the large marquee complete with chandeliers, provided a warm and relaxing atmosphere whilst we sipped mulled wine whilst overlooking the river.


  1. WinterWald
    Who doesn’t love drinking a toasty mulled wine whilst sitting in a Forest? Towards the back of the market was an area cleared just for drinks stalls and was lined with Christmas trees, very magical.


  1. White magic on Jungfernstieg
    Found across the road from Europa Passage shopping centre, beside Binnenalster lake, is the Jungfernstieg Christmas market. It is definitely one of the fancier markets we have seen, but this came with a higher price tag! Glasses of gluhwein were the most expensive here, but at night this really was very pretty. They even had exclusive fire pit booths available for hire.


  1. Winter Pride
    We stumbled across this area one night, we wouldn’t quite describe it as a market as it only had a few bar stalls and 1 food venue serving bratwurst. However, it was very lively, with good music and great atmosphere perfect for a night on the tiles!


  1. Santa Pauli
    Located in Hamburg’s right light district, this Christmas market is publicised as Germany’s best x-rated market. We actually didn’t get a chance to go into this market as it wasn’t open whilst we were there. But we think this would have been well worth a look in if you are passing by and into niche markets! Probably not suitable for families.

Honourable mention: not a Christmas market but we also visited Altes Mädchen the bar/restaurant attached to the Ratsherrn brewery for a few hours which we would strongly recommend. It stocked a wide selection of beers on draft (with a great beer flight to get you sampling some of them), tasty food and with a warm and welcoming environment. The staff were great and service was very efficient to say it was a busy Saturday. This was the reason we did not make the aforementioned erotic market – too busy drinking beer!

We all had a fantastic weekend, do you have a different order? Reach out to us on social media, we’d love to hear about it.