My top 9 must-dos in Adventureland every time I go to Disneyland Paris

  1. Explore Aladdin’s cave of wonder
    Le Passenge Enhanté d-Aladdin is tucked away by the entrance to Adventureland, on the left hand side. Step into the cave of wonders, where display windows tell the tale of Aladdin and his adventures.
  2. A pirate’s life for me
    They say a picture paints a thousand words and Adventureland is one of the most picturesque areas of Disneyland Paris. Slow down and take a photo by the lagoon, my favourite spot is in front the pirate ship.
  3. Sing “a pirate’s life for me” at the top of your lungs
    The Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most original concept rides Disney has ever come up with. The original ride in California inspired the film franchise, and this version has undergone a series of changes to update with each film release. Another constantly moving ride, so queue times are usually low. Be sure to pre-prepare you ride photo pose at the top of the second drop.
  4. Get your Pirate booty
    Set your course for Le Coffre du Capitaine for all your pirate needs. This gift shop, found at the exit to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is filled to the rafters with treasures perfect for all pirates and wenches.
  5. Dine at the Blue Lagoon
    A definite dining highlight and something we always try to do when we visit. Blue Lagoon has a great atmosphere and delicious food, including an exotic surf and turf featuring ostrich and swordfish. If you are staying on site you may be eligible to eat here on the Disney Dining Plan – so be sure to book as soon as you can.
  6. Get lost in Davey Jones’ locker
    Make your ways towards blind man’s buff as you brave your way through this intricate cave system located by the huge pirate ship, just outside the pirates of the Caribbean ride. An excellent place for your little ones to burn off some steam, terrify your friends by going ahead and jumping out at them screaming or climbing to the highest point and getting excellent views of the land.
  7. Head up the Swiss family Robinson tree
    Shipwrecked and rebuilding their own civilisation, the Swiss family made camp safely up an old tree. Explore their treehouse and climb to the highest heights at DLP, each room has its own story to tell.
    The tree itself is made from a mixture of steel, concrete and stucco. Whilst the leaves look real they have all been individually created and attached to the structure.
  8. Escape from the temple of doom
    Make like Indiana Jones when he escaped the mines, and hop aboard this fast-paced rollercoaster. Not for the feint hearted, it’s a little rocky so make sure you keep your head back against the rest.
  9. Pit stop at Hakuna Matata
    This restaurant offers a tasty alternative to the usual burger and fries fast food joints, this beautifully themed restaurant serves up a host of Africa flavours. In particular try the sandwich kebab with sweet corn fries. It is also a great place to shelter from the rain or grab a hot chocolate when the temperature drops.