My top 9 must-dos in Frontierland every time I go to Disneyland Paris

  1. Explore the entrance to Frontierland
    At the front of the land in the entrance off the Main Street hub, you’ll find a re-enactment of a logger town. This is the perfect place to explore, climb up the stairs and get a different perspective of the land.
  2. Join the 999 happy haunts
    The Phantom Manor is home to a variety of ghosts and ghouls, just be sure to come back to the land of the living. My favourite part of the ride is called Phantom Canyon, which shows a wild west town full of spirits. The continual movement of the carriages through this ride means that wait times are rarely above 20 minutes.
  3. Walk with the dead at Phantom Manor
    As you stumble out of the Phantom Manor take a detour left into its cemetery. You may notice some witty tombstones such as Lead foot Fred who danced too slow and now he’s dead
  4. Watch the geyser
    Sitting alongside the Phantom manor and visible from the Disneyland railway, these stunning geysers shoot “hot” water into the air. This attraction is currently being renovated but hopefully it will come back soon as it’s a thrill to watch.
  5. Take a photo in the wild west
    Obviously in this day and age, a selfie is a must; if you time it just right you can catch a glimpse of the mine train in the background.
  6. Travel on Mark Twain
    Take the Thunder Mesa Riverboat around Big Thunder Mountain. This relaxing boat ride is the perfect way to slow down and take in the sights. If you time your exit from the Phantom Manor correctly you won’t have to wait long for the next sailing. Make sure you are one of the first to enter as there is limited seating.
  7. Ride Big Thunder Mountain at sunset
    In my opinion, the best time to ride Big Thunder Mountain is as the sun is going down. The colours on the red rocks dance with the sunset and the experience is more immersive with the darkness becoming even darker. So hop on for “the wildest ride in the wilderness!”
  8. Check out the theming
    Built like an 1850s American gold rush town, Frontierland is packed full of excellent theming. Check out the historic facades, posters and props scattered amongst the land.
  9. Ride the rails
    This mine town railway station was built for transporting gold, hop aboard and take a tour of the hidden features around the park. This is another great stop to get on as an alternative to the Main Street station, as it tends to be less congested so you can get on with a relatively low wait time.