This was the first Disneyland-style park to serve alcohol when it was added to table service menus in 1993, because guests expected it as part of the “French experience”. You can even pick up a bottle of beer with your hotdog at Casey’s Corner! Never-the-less, keeping up the Disney tradition (see drink around the world at EPCOT), we have formulated a fool proof plan to tick off seeing what the other hotels have to offer, a bit of a rest whilst the parks are busiest in the afternoon and sample the signature cocktails along the way!

During our trip in October we wanted to take it more leisurely and also view some of the hotels we had never stayed in before. We thought we’d put together this route to highlight all the great bars around the resort, each has a unique cocktail so be sure to scour the menu for what’s different in each place.

Our trail starts from the Parks, through the Village, around all the Disney hotels and back to the Village ready for you to dance the night away!

Have a fun morning in the parks, but when the crowds start to grow, escape and relax in these lovely bars.

First stop:

  1. Sports Bar – Disney Village

Always a good place to grab a quick drink and snack to set you up for the day. There are always plenty of tables outside and European football is always being shown – if you have a fan in your midst.

Recommended drink: Grimbergen d’Abbaye blonde (Belgian lager)


Next: Head along the lake to Newport Bay Hotel.

  1. Captain’s Quarters – Disney’s Newport Bay Club

Just down the corridor from the reception, Captain’s Quarter is a cosy bar which faces down onto the Lake which is a perfect accompaniment to the relaxing atmosphere.

Recommended drink: Black Pearl


Next: Head round the side of the lake towards Sequoia Lodge.

  1. Redwood Bar and Lounge – Disney’s Sequoia Lodge

In keeping with the hotel, the Redwood bar is based on a Californian ski lodge, complete with a huge central fire which, when lit, just adds to the cosy ambience. The bar really is breath taking, and absolutely reminded Lucy of her trip to Mammoth Lakes (CA).

Recommended drink: Alba


Next: Now wind your way down the scenic pathway, keep the “river” on your left and head to Santa Fe.

  1. Rio Grande Bar – Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe

Although this Route 66/Cars theme is simple it still hits the spot, nice enough to stop to put your feed up and take a break.

Recommended drink: Sweet Velvet


Next: Head across the bridge to the wild west and Hotel Cheyenne.

  1. Red Garter Saloon – Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne

Hotel Cheyenne, themed like a wild west town, is home the beautiful Red Garter Saloon. Whilst we were there Cheyenne was experiencing some renovation, so the full experience wasn’t there but the bar seemed cosy and perfect for a tipple.

Recommended drink: Cheyenne


Next: Keeping the “river” to your left, continue back towards Disney Village to New York.

  1. New York City Bar – Disney’s Hotel New York

As the name here suggests, this is themed like a New York city bar! Cosy chairs and friendly bar staff welcome you here. This was the first place we went for a drink on our first night as we had heard good things, and we were not disappointed.

Recommended drink: Glowtini and the 25th anniversary special drink – lumière de l’étoile.


Next: Head back to the Village.

  1. Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon – Disney Village

Disney Village is home to a few bars but we believe Billy Bob’s has the best theming. With live country music performers most evenings and indoor and outdoor seating it makes for a party!

Recommended drink: Kronenberg 1664


Next: Head to the Disneyland park entrance and hop inside the Disneyland Hotel. Up the main central staircase and along the corridor and you’ll find yourself at Café Fantasia.

  1. Café Fantasia – Disneyland Hotel

With pictures depicting scenes from Fantasia on the walls, this bar just oozes elegance and class. Whilst we were there for Halloween there they had an incredible violinist and pianist playing “This is Halloween” from Nightmare Before Christmas along with other wonderful classical Disney tunes. It was really lovely, and although this bar is closest to the park it felt very removed from the hustle and bustle.

Recommended drink: Signature Gin and Tonic – especially with a grapefruit tonic.


Next: Exit through the lobby to the Disneyland park entrance; this is the final stop hopefully you’ve made it this far!

  1. Head back into the park for fireworks

You could even pick up a beer at Casey’s if you’re still standing!

This is something we will definitely do again as it was really great way of exploring the resort which isn’t actually big as you would think. The longest walk we had was between Sequoia Lodge and Santa Fe, but we welcomed a nice cool breeze and a relaxing stroll.

Plus everywhere gives you snacks! Free peanuts and olives for everyone!