Looking to join in an adventure? Here at Adventureland the shores are teaming with pirates and danger lurks around every corner, the perfect place for young explorers.

Try not to lose your way as you explore the caves around Davy Jones’ locker. Check out Indiana Jones temple of peril as you race out of the jungle mines in your mine cart.

My favourite place to eat in Adventureland is the Blue Lagoon restaurant; this Caribbean themed restaurant is placed right in the heart of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The delicacies range from exotic swordfish and ostrich, and lots of exotic cocktails served up with dry ice such as the Bacardi Mai Tai.

My favourite gift shop in this land is Le Coffre du Captaine. The entrance to this store is by the exit for Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Here you will find pirate merchandise and booty lining the store.

Le passage enchantéd d’Aladdin is worth calling in on, it tells the story from the Disney classic Aladdin through a series of window displays. This is often overlooked by visitors as the entrance is partly hidden, just by the entrance to Adventureland. Enter the land from Main Street USA and turn left; it will be right ahead of you.

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