Explore the Storybook Store
remind yourself of Disney’s many magical films, drawing from some of the world’s most endearing stories. This quaint store has a huge collection of books, films and CDs in a range of languages.

Emporium is a grand in it’s
design and decoration and home to a great selection of costumes, dolls and toys.

A home away from home, Disneyland Paris offers up every type of souvenir and Lilly’s Boutique is no exception lined wall to wall with your favourite Disney films. Get the

finishing touches for your house including candle holders, picture frames, mugs and more.

As you explore the Discovery Arcade you’ll come across Disneyana Collectibles, this little stall is full of glass trinkets, just waiting to be customised. Perfect for taking home an extra memory for you or your loved ones to remember your time at Disneyland.

Themed like the circus Disney & Co is an old-style toy shop; whether you want to join the circus or start your own party, this is a great place to start.

Shopping for a baby or toddler? Look no further then Bixby babies, this fun and colourful shop has a wide range of clothing and accessories for your little ones!

New Century Notions Flora’s is a unique Boutique on corner of Main Street. The store has beautiful stain glass windows and the walls are lined with memorabilia to buy. This is also one of the locations that offers the Photopass+ service.

Boardwalk Candy palace is the perfect place to pick up treats. Chocolates and lollies are in bountiful supply as well as a whole counter for fudge and other decorated treats. Check out the mural on the back wall depicting old style board walk nostalgia.

Main Street Motors is an old-style garage, just check out the gas pump outside! Pick up anything here from clothing, accessories, scarves and phone cases.

Disney Clothiers Ltd will dress you in the latest Disney fashions with clothing for all ages, keep an eye out for the sales wracks.

Harrington’s Fine China & Porcelains is set up like a French art gallery. Showcasing ornate glass ornaments and pins, this shop screams class with its high glass dome ceiling and pillars.

Plaza East Boutique has an impressive ceiling illuminated by old chandeliers and is an artfully decorated store with it’s turn-of-the-century designs. This stylish boutique houses a wonderful collection of Disneyland Park souvenirs, accessories and toys.

Plaza West Boutique the designs date back to 1886 in this boutique store that offers an array of sweets, treats, clothes, accessories and toys. Above you, on the balcony, the walls are covered with authentic old fashion posters for attractions found around the resort.

More places to shop in Disneyland Paris Resort: