Want to know where all the Halloween treats are at Disneyland Paris? Then look no further!

I took a solo trip to DLP in early October, so I’ve managed to get the down low on all the snack locations, mainly at the request of my sister Maleficears. I’m heading back with her for a Disney Halloween Party trip and we will be ready to hit the ground running with all the #DisneySnacks.

I’ve grouped them into lands/areas which I hope makes it as easy as possible to follow😊

Let’s start with the Disneyland Paris park

Main Street USA

Visit Cable Car Bake Shop in the middle of Main Street for a one stop shop for tasty treats

Here is the full menu of offerings

I can vouch for both the chocolate cookie and the chocolate muffin. The cookie was freshly baked, gooey goodness and I’m definitely going back for it. The muffin was a great late-night treat before bed!

Head down main street towards the castle, and just off the central hub (to the right hand side when facing the castle) is a popcorn cart.

Here they have the infamous Poison Apple steins, available with or without popcorn (with discounted refills available).


Frontierland (Home of Halloween fun)

To the left of the entrance you’ll find a wagon cart selling the Oogie Boogie popcorn bucket as well as a host of treats – I’ve got my eye on those tomb stone treats next time!

Here is a complete list of all items available at this location.

As you walk into Frontierland, opposite the cart, is a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream stand.

Here they have Halloween donuts!

This is on my list again, whilst the queue was long and slow, I wasn’t disappointed!

If you’re looking for a creepy themed sit down menu, the Lucky Nugget is the place to go.

This black hamburger comes with a special Maleficent themed dessert which looks delicious. I’m still not sure how I feel about a black burger bun though …

Moving through Frontierland towards Big Thunder Mountain as you approach the exit to Adventureland you’ll see this wagon.

Here you can get the beetroot potion (soup to us mere mortals) and more sweet treats.



Moving into Adventureland from Frontierland you’ll hit Cool Post, for your first and only Halloween treat stop in this land.

Here they are doing Halloween style food, in the form of a cheese toastie.

Honourable mention

Whilst not Halloween themed, I’d never seen Café de la Brousse open before and the chicken bites almost made me go back again in this trip! Located down some steps opposite Restaurant Hakuna Matata

But don’t just take my word for it…



Near Sir Mickeys Shop is L’arbre Enchante a permanent drinks location  –  currently busting with treats!

Here they have the beetroot raspberry bites (another one on my list I’m going to try this time) a good one, of few, vegan options available.

Moving towards the back of Fantasyland located near the tea cups and the entrance to the labyrinth, is the March Hares house.

Here is another opportunity to bag for those tasty donuts and try a Maleficent hot chocolate.



Swinging around to the final land in the parks, head to Café Hyperion for another spooky set menu.

Another lunch/dinner spot – the pumpkin dessert looked just as good in person as the picture (next time)

For the last item head out the parks into the Disney Village.


Disney Village

Annette’s Diner is the final spot before leaving to get something Halloweeny.

An upgraded version of the Lucky Nugget Meal, this tasty burger with “potato pops” whatever they are!


This doesn’t include all the Halloween drink options but I’m back for the Halloween party on the 26th so I’ll be sure find these out for you. I’m sure my sister will make it her mission to locate all Halloween themed cocktails.

I hope this is useful a guide to help you find all the snacks you are after – please let me know how your trip goes!

Happy Halloween everyone!