Are you heading to Disneyland Paris park for one day and not sure what to do first? I’ve put together my one day guide to the park,

  1. Get an early start
    If you are staying in a Disney Hotel, depending the time of year you go, they will offer Magic hours which gives you an extra hour in the parks. Otherwise try to get to the park for the rope drop.
  2. Take a photo in front of the castle
    Pass along Main Street USA and stop to take a photo whilst the crowds are low.
  3. Make your way to Fantasyland
    This land is tailored the younger audience, so you’ll find this to be the busiest later on in the day. By heading there straight way you can get on all the rides before any build queues and then move on to other areas before it becomes a minefield of mini people! Dumbo always has long wait times to its now or never if you want to get on this ride. We usually then go for Peter Pan, Story Book Cruise, Casey Jr and Tea cups. Then tackle any of the dark rides you want to see (Snow White, Pinocchio) and anything else you may have missed. Our best was getting everything done in this land within the first hour. It’s a small world never has long lines because the boats are continually moving, so you can leave this till last.
    Its a small world
  4. Check the wait times
    Now would be a good time to check the FastPass board and wait times, in case rides you definitely want yo get on are getting busy. Make sure you make time to get a FastPass for your must do rides, and never get in a queue longer than 40 minutes. It is a waste of your day when all you need to do is a bit of careful planning ahead.
  5. Head to Adventureland
    Explore Davey Jones locker and the pirate caves as you make your way to Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Begin the first of today’s thrill seekers with Indiana Jones
    Indiana Jones ride
  6. Delve into Frontierland
    Big Thunder Mountain is the star ride in the park, so as before make sure to check FastPass times so you do not miss out, or head here first to get in early to avoid crowds. Afterwards head to the Phantom Manor for a ghostly ride, the wait time for this is rarely long and even when waits are advertised as 40-60 minutes we find you still get in in around 30 minutes.
  7. Explore Tomorrowland
    By this time, the park is likely to fill up so this is why keeping an eye on FastPass is ideal. But if wait times are not long for Space Mountain then prioritise Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast.
    Space Mountain
  8. Re-ride Big Thunder Mountain at sun down
    Big Thunder Mountain is our favourite ride and the best time to ride is after the sun sets, you get an entirely different experience. Again another good reason to keep an eye on FastPass as these tickets can go fast, so you might find yourself booking your 9pm ride on Big Thunder before you’ve even had lunch!
  9. Get a good spot for the night-time show and parade
    By this time you’ll be running low on steam and the parade is a good excuse to sit down for a bit. Maybe pick up a hotdog between the parade and waiting for the fireworks. Disney Firework displays are second to none so make sure you get prime viewing towards the centre of Main Street USA.