Are you heading to Disneyland Paris Walt Disney Studio Park for one day and not sure what to do first? I’ve put together my perfect one day itinerary for visiting the Walt Disney Studios.

  1. Get an early start
    The Studios Park can get very busy, very quickly so be sure to arrive at the park opening time for the best chance to go on all the attractions.
  2. Head straight to Crush’s Coaster
    This is the busiest – but best – ride in this park. Make sure you go early in the day to avoid the queues that can quickly build to 60-120 minutes. There is no fast pass for this ride, so if you don’t go early you’ll miss your chance. Sometimes late in the day the queue can drop, but this is rare so if this is one of your must haves, then do not leave it too late!
  3. Get a FastPass for Ratatouille
    Ratatouille is one of the newest rides in the Disneyland Paris Resort and this immersive ride is one you’ll definitely want to go on again and again. If your group doesn’t mind being split up, then make the most of the single rider queue to reduce your wait time. Combine this with picking up a FastPass for later and ride it multiple times in one day!
  4. Explore Toy Story areas
    There are so many great rides for all ages from Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop to Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin in the Toy Story area. Slinky dog is a lot of fun and the wait time is often low, make use of the single rider for the parachute drop – often you can sit opposite each other which is better to watch each other’s reactions anyway!
  5. Enter the Twilight Zone
    The Hollywood Tower Hotel is rich in history and this drop ride shows you views all across the park as you plummet over 13 stories. This is another ride that is worth revisiting because there are a few different scenarios that play out depending on which queue you join in the boiler room. The queue times can vary, first and last thing are good times to visit, but keep an eye on the boards as a random and glorious 5-minute wait time may pop up!
  6. Get blown away with Moteurs…Action! Stunt Show Spectacular
    This incredible stunt show has everything you could want: fast paced car chases, motorbike stunts, real life actors, explosions and lots of fire.
  7. Rock out with Aerosmith
    Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith is a thrill ride which plunges riders to speeds of up to 100km/h in less than 3 seconds. The sound track includes songs such as “Dude Looks Like a Lady” and “Nine Lives”, be sure to re-ride to hear all the different tracks.
  8. Join the cast of Armageddon
    Discover some of the visual effects which went into making the Armageddon film. You are thrown into the thick of things on the space station before the asteroids hit.
  9. See the magic behind movies
    Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic gives you a glimpse into how physical sets on films are created. This experience brings some of the movies filmed by Disney around the world to Paris. A real highlight used to be the costume department which would rotate with the latest film releases. However, since Toy Story land in opened 2010, there has been little update on this ride. It is still good for a sit down, and an immersive experience with fire and water.
  10. Dine at Ratatouille
    Bistro Chez Rémy serves up traditional French food and whilst the menu isn’t too extensive, all the food is delicious. I’d recommend the steak, accompanied by your sauce in a tiny chefs hat jug – adorable.