You may be new to the parks, or looking to try something new; so here are our top 9 restaurants in Disneyland Paris Resort.
There are lots of eating establishments around the park, but for this article we have concentrated on table service locations, for much needed respite on a long park day.

1. Walt’s – An American Restaurant – Disneyland Park
This decked out restaurant runs along the top of main street, really making it feel like you’re in someone’s living room (maybe even Walt’s!). Each individual room is themed after a land within the Disneyland Paris park, make sure to have a look around whilst you are waiting for, or after you have finished your meal.

One of our favourites has to be this Cheese burger with fries and Walt’s personal favourite – chilli. The burger is made from a really succulent and well braised piece of beef that just melts in your mouth


2. Vapiano – Disney Village
We go on about Vapiano A LOT, but with good reason. We have visited it on our last 2 trips and are yet to be disappointed by our food choices. Italian food at its best, its not super fast but it is always delicious. The restaurants décor creates a lovely calming atmosphere, a nice haven away from the manic quick service counters in the parks.


3. Bistrot Chez Rémy – Walt Disney Studios Park
This is probably the best themed eatery in the entire resort. The excellent detailing in this restaurant means that no matter where you sit there is always a treat for the eyes. Not just that but there is also some exquisite French cuisine on offer; particularly the dauphinoise potatoes, steak and of course… their signature ratatouille.


4. The Steakhouse – Disney Village
Located towards the back of Disney Village near the lagoon is The Steakhouse. Hidden inside a Chicago warehouse this steak joint is usually easy to get into if the crowds are big in the village. The steak is always en pointe, as you can see pictured below the sides are ample, and they have a great wine list. They also have a number of great choices if you are on a dining plan.


5. Buffalo Bills – Disney Village
This Wild West show has everything – action, excitement and some delicious cowboy cookout. All you can eat! Which is good, because prices can be steep. It is definitely worth a go if you have never been before. The show includes some great stunts and performances as well as audience participation. Beware that people with animal or hay fever allergies will not fare well.


6. Rainforest café – Disney Village
Personally, this is Holly’s favourite place to eat. Who doesn’t love eating amongst animals with a tropical thunderstorm going on, and don’t get us started on the famous VOLCANO dessert.


7. Auberge de Cendrillon – Disneyland Park
Head through the castle into Fantasyland, and you will see Cinderella’s restaurant on the right hand side. With a beautiful pumpkin carriage outside, providing the perfect photo opportunity for your little princes and princesses. The food here is top notch, and only doesn’t score higher up on the list because we are not fans of character meets. This is a fantastic place to go if you are celebrating a birthday as you get treated like royalty and you might be visited by a princess or two!


8. Captain Jack’s – Restaurant des Pirates – Disneyland Park
Newly rebranded from the old ‘Blue Lagoon’ restaurant, Captain Jack’s is located alongside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. With authentic cuisine from all parts of the Caribbean, this is definitely something for those with a more exotic palette. It is the perfect date location as you can get a table by the river and watch the pirates of the Caribbean boats go by. But beware – you may even get a visit from Captain Jack himself!
Note: We have never had good service in this restaurant, the waiters are always overloaded with tables and it really suffers from this as it is hard to get attention when you need it. So, it is worth a visit, but don’t head there with plans to leave early!


9. Annette’s Diner – Disney Village
Who doesn’t love burgers and rollerblades? Within this great themed diner, the servers all skate around bringing your shakes straight to your table. The food is fresh and served fast – perfect for a quick lunch in the village before shopping!

Have we missed any restaurants, or do you disagree with our top 9? Get in touch on social we’d love to hear from you.