This list is obviously our opinion, and we are slightly sensitive to being thrown upside down too much. Rides like Space Mountain (Or Hyperspace Mountain) and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith did not make the cut because when we exit those rides we have to sit down for 20 minutes afterwards. Maybe we’re getting too old – but we think it’s because of the bone rattling qualities of these rides, they are not smooth. Don’t get us wrong, we enjoy thrill rides (note: The Hulk (Islands of Adventure, Florida) and Air (Alton Towers)), but we enjoy something a bit smoother on the old cranium.


  1. Big Thunder Mountain

‘The wildest ride in the wilderness’: Big Thunder Mountain is one of our favourite rides in any park. It was closed for quite a while for renovation, and our last trip was the first time we had experienced it’s new form. The Paris version is definitely the best, it is the only one to go underwater – using the same technology as the Euro tunnel. So glad it got the upgrade we experienced at the California resort, the updated graphics and much needed polish has definitely improved the experience.


  1. Ratatouille: The Adventure

This is one of the newest rides within the Walt Disney Studio Park, shrinking you down to the size of a mouse to explore Remy’s restaurant kitchen. This is definitely a 4D ride, with all the sights and smells really enhancing this experience.


  1. The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror

Check into this Hollywood hotel and enter the Twilight Zone to discover what happened on that night in 1939. This is another ride that never gets boring, there are a few different scenarios to keep you guessing when the drop happens.
Top tip: Make sure you redo the ride after sunset to see both parks lit up at night, it’s beautiful!


  1. Crush’s Coaster

Ride the East Australian Current on Crush’s shell as you explore the wide open ocean. This thrill ride used to be the best thing about the Studios park, it is so immersive and beautiful and yet still keeps you terrified and clinging to your seat. It’s only flaw is the queuing system – so head there first if you want to ride it without waiting 90 minutes!


  1. Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

Updated in March 2017, this ride got a facelift including the introduction of 3D technology and the addition of extra scenes now Disney own the rights to Star Wars. There are 70 different missions, so no two rides should be the same. Our mother took it upon herself to test this riding it three times in a row – and every version was different (including the five times she rode it total over the weekend).


  1. Phantom Manor

999 happy haunts welcome you to this haunted house, take a journey to the underworld and discover the story behind the jilted bride of this grand mansion. Despite riding this countless times, we still are weary and will never opt to be the single rider if the group number is uneven! It’s great for resting weary feet, and the queue is never very long so it’s the perfect ride when everything else in Frontierland is packed. What would make it perfect is a Nightmare Before Christmas makeover like the California version gets, giving it a little revival and love!


  1. Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

Earn your Star Commander Rank by helping to defend Sector 9 from the evil Emperor Zeug. This is great for target practise and never gets old, because of the competition element it gives. Take on the rest of your group with a head to head, make it interesting and say winner buys the next round of snacks! Whilst our heart lies with Toy Story Midway Mania – this will satisfy our needs… for now.


  1. Le Carrousel de Lancelot

Because who doesn’t love a carousel? Adding a touch of old-worldy class, we love this ride. Each horse comes from old working carousels, and are beautifully decorated. For an extra thrill climb on top of one of the big horses on the outside, it can get quite high!


  1. Pirates of the Caribbean


Also recently renovated, this ride is always worth a go. The new effects are great and we particularly the new addition of feminism – the Red Head is now a pirate – well done Disney. Excellent theming throughout the queue also keeps you occupied in case you have to wait.

Is there anything we have missed? Reach out on social and let us know!