We really slaved away on this one, arduously trying anything we could get our mitts on. It is worth noting that some of these will only be available during the 25th anniversary celebrations, and some were special Halloween snacks so may not be available year-round. However, get them whilst they’re good!

We’ve had a few disagreements about this so we are actually going to do two lists, everyone’s tastes are different and everyone’s opinions are valid.

Holly’s list: 

  1. Cookies and Cream Bat Cupcake – Boardwalk Candy Palace

I ate this on the plane back home, a nice little treat to ease the Disney blues. Good ratio of icing to cake which was soft, nice to go out on a high.


  1. Frozen Marshmallow Lollypop – Frozen Kiosk by Chaparral Theatre

White chocolate dripped marshmallow on a stick, simple, delicious and gone. I almost managed to eat the whole thing before Lucy noticed!


  1. Cactus Sugar Cookie – Fuente del Oro Restaurante

Perfect with the Mexican/Day of the Dead theme. This biscuit was light and fluffy, easy to eat one or two or three….


  1. Triple chocolate fudge – Boardwalk Candy Palace

Freshly made each day, the Boardwalk Candy Palace has so many different flavours of fudge to choose from. My favourite of the flavours I tried was the triple chocolate, it wasn’t too rich and I didn’t get bored of the flavour. This is definitely on my list to of must have park treats for our next visit.


  1. Churros – Fuente del Oro Restaurante

I’m a big fan of churros, and now with my new-found love of anything cinnamon – this was perfect for me. Light and fluffy inside and crispy on the outside; the generous portion is enough to share (but still manageable if you don’t want to).


  1. Princess Leia Meringue – Boardwalk Candy Palace

How can you not enjoy a Star Wars themed treat? These are few and far between in Disneyland and it was out of this world ?.


  1. Halloween Pumpkin Cupcake – Boardwalk Candy Palace

Garnished with a hidden mickey, this cupcake was a perfect Halloween treat. The frosting had a slight orange taste, but the design alone gets it in my #top9.


  1. Roasted chestnuts – 25th Anniversary stalls in the Disney Village

Normally found at Christmas markets, I was very excited to see them in the village. I purchased the smaller size, and it was huge! Which means there was, more than enough to share (especially important when they say they don’t want any when you asked before buying, and they start tucking in anyway).


  1. Chocolate donut – Cable Car Bake Shop

I couldn’t finish my list without putting a donut on. I love donuts, I can’t get enough of donuts. Everyone should get this donut. Did I say donut enough?


Lucy’s List: 

  1. Mickey Star Nutella biscuit – Cable Car Bake Shop

I really didn’t expect this one to be as marvellous as it was. The biscuit was beautiful, and if you’re a big fan of Nutella you’re going to LOVE this.


  1. Mint Chocolate fudge – Boardwalk Candy Palace

All fudge at Disneyland is pretty spectacular, but the mint chocolate one really is the ka-buiznezz.


  1. Cactus biscuit – Fuente del Oro Restaurante

Bought on a whim, having been stood waiting to place my order for a while staring at the biscuit adverts. This was actually really good, the biscuit is like a sugar cookie, green icing was pretty standard but wedged between the two was a surprising (and uneven) layer of white chocolate – which was what made it perfect!


  1. Chocolate donut – Cable Car Bake Shop

We were questing for the 25th Anniversary celebration donuts at Cable car when we had to settle for these. They were great, just a really tasty fresh donut (and definitely not frozen like the ones at, ironically, the Frozen cart).


  1. 25thcelebration red toffee apple/ pomme d’amour – Stand by Sir Mickey’s Boutique

Since visiting Disneyland Resort in California, I have been obsessed with their ‘Candy Apples’ and was very excited to see them appear at Paris. However, they aren’t caramel apples but the generic European toffee apples. The difference being American candy apples are a rather decadent caramel topped with chocolate whereas we just have a hard sugar casing to ours. Nevertheless, it was still tasty and therefore made the list! Also the decoration was very pretty.


  1. Halloween Pumpkin cupcake – Boardwalk Candy Palace

Seasonal treat which was very tasty, I really liked this one because I thought the icing had an orange/pumpkin flavour and was more marshmallow-y than the cookies and cream cupcake. Despite what I had previously heard about Disneyland Paris cupcakes, it was well baked, fresh and moist.


  1. Churros – Fuente del Oro

The first churro I have ever had – that I enjoyed. Not at all a greasy mess, these tiny churro loops were very tasty and really complimented the Mexican food we had at Fuento del Oro. These were also an impulse buy because mum wanted a hot drink – so we got them cheaper as part of the ‘Delicious Treat’ deal.


  1. Frozen Marshmallow lollypop – Frozen hut by Chaparral Theatre

This did exactly what it said on the tin, strawberry marshmallow covered in white chocolate – what’s not to like? Nothing. Simple and delicious.


  1. White glazed 25thanniversary donut with Nutella filling – Frozen hut by Chaparral Theatre

This is bottom of the list because it was quite dry, and cold – which leads me to believe it was frozen and thawed out (this was a morning purchase). Definitely not as soft and fresh as the chocolate donut from Cable car, but the nutella filling was great so I can see how nice it would have been if you’d managed to get a fresh one.


Snacks we tried that were disappointing:

A couple of the items where dry and cold (potentially frozen and defrosted), like the 25th Anniversary donuts.

The Frozen chocolate cake lollypop with coconut white chocolate topping was confusing and none of us really took to it. Eating off the coconut white chocolate was pretty tasty, but the cake inside was flavourless and dry.

I was very excited to try a Jack Skellington chocolate apple (again, hoping for a caramel apple reunion) however this was just a green apple covered in a thin layer of white chocolate. At the very least put a layer of toffee in there! This at best, is instagrammable, not delicious.

We hope you snack lowdown, did we miss any? Reach out on social and tell us your favorite Disneyland Paris snack is!