As a family, we have gone to the Disney Parks since we were little, and each trip has been different. During our trip in October we put together our #Top9 things for grown-ups to do in Disneyland Paris Resort:


  1. Scream on the rollercoasters

Not all rides are suitable for small children – so this is our time to shine. Get your adrenalin fix on some of the most imaginative rides in the world, our favourites include the Tower of Terror and the newly updated Big Thunder Mountain.


  1. Dine well

Being in Disneyland Paris doesn’t mean you need to eat only burgers and fast food. Two places we would recommend is Bistrot Chez Rémy in Walt Disney Studio Park and the newly opened Vapiano in the Disney Village, an exciting diffrent approach to fast service Italian food.


  1. Take a tour

Head to City Hall and book on one of the tours around the parks. Get a behind the scene look at some of the attractions, learn about the theming and all the hidden Disney gems waiting to be found.


  1. Try the speciality drinks

Each bar has a signature drink, during our last trip we went to several bars throughout the resort. We really enjoyed the glowtini available at most hotel bars and the Redwood lounge and bar in the Sequoia Lodge had some unique choices using sap liqueur.


  1. Go shopping

Disney Village is the main shopping district, perfect for picking up gifts and park unique merchandise. We love going into The Disney Gallery; Holly is currently collecting the old-style attraction posters, which can regularly be found here. You’re a grown up responsible for your own finances – go treat yourself.


  1. Ride the rides during parades and fireworks

Disney fireworks are amazing, but if you are staying for more than one day, take advantage of empty lands and queues. Big Thunder Mountain becomes much less crowded once everyone takes their places for the fireworks, so we take advantage and ride till we die. We also did some evening shopping on Main Street USA during the fireworks on one of our evenings. The shops were empty, and it was so relaxed, much nicer than the usual exit from the park frenzy.


  1. Bar crawl through the resort

The Disneyland Paris Resort isn’t as big as you would think! The Disney Village is full of great bars and each hotel has a bar worth visiting, so discover more on foot.
Don’t worry we’ve already done the legwork, see our route.


  1. Rock your accessories

Dressing up is not just for kids. However, you are not able to wear full costume within the parks, except at the Halloween ticketed event. A neat way around this is you can go Disney bounding (e.g. theming your clothing around a character), or simply accessorise! There are plenty of items you can buy in high street shops that can ‘Disneyfy’ your style. This trip Lucy handmade ears and personalised them for each of us. These were a hit, and we were showered with complements, including impressed cast members (which meant a lot – as they must see it all). This spurred her on to open a shop to share the magic with you all.

These ears are reversible!


  1. Take time to enjoy hotel facilities

Take full advantage of all that is available where you are staying. Within the Disneyland Paris hotel there are spa facilities and most hotels in the resort have a swimming pool. Be sure to rest your feet after long days in the park.