We had a lovely weekend away with our sister and sister-in-law – who have just announced that they are having a baby! We are both thrilled for them and can’t wait to start the baby’s Disney education!

We also thought an article about what to expect when you’re expecting in Disneyland would be useful for any other prospective mothers out there that have a trip coming up and might be worried!


  1. Get your access pass
    This is a must, as soon as you’ve entered the park head to City Hall (or Studio Services), where they can give you the latest information on what is suitable to do whilst in Disneyland. They can also answer any questions or concerns you may have.
    They provided a list of rides suitable, as well as an Easy Access Card which allowed us to wait in virtual queues saving the mum-to-be from standing for long periods of time.

How it works: If we arrived at Buzz Lightyear at 12:00, and the current queue time was 40 minutes, we would be issued 12:40 as a time to return. If the queue time is less than 10 minutes you are allowed straight in.

Note: You need to have some kind of proof in order to get this pass. Our sister-in-law used her maternity exemption card issued to her by the NHS.

Sitting room in city hall – mothers can have a quiet sit down, lots of seating throughout the parks


  1. Ride some rides!
    Whilst you can’t go on Big Thunder Mountain, you can still go on It’s a Small World so it’s not all bad news! For a paper copy of appropriate rides head to City Hall or alternatively download the Disneyland Paris App where you can filter: “Suitable for Expectant Mothers”

Rachel’s favourite ride is Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, which fortunately was on the pre-approved ride list! We probably went on it 6 times over the 3 days…!


  1. Hop on the train!
    Take is easy by taking a trip around the park on the Disneyland Railroad. The good thing about the train is you can stay on for as long as you want, and avoid any adverse weather that might be occurring.


  1. Eat some good food!
    There are lots of really good eateries around the parks, in the hotels and Disney Village so don’t let them go to waste! For great theming try Toad Hall in Fantasyland, The Golden Nugget in Frontierland and Walt’s on Main Street USA. Our new favourite is Vapiano, an Italian located near the entrance of Disney Village with fresh, fast food at not bad prices for Disneyland!

The Golden Nugget – Frontierland

Hakuna Matata – Adventureland

Pineapple Upside Down at Walts – Main Street USA


  1. Drink some tasty drinks!
    Whether it is a Sweet Main Street cocktail at Walts, a slush puppy at Sequoia Lodge or a limited edition 25th Anniversary non-alcoholic cocktail you’ll find lots of options throughout the resort.

Sweet Main Street at Walts


  1. Take it easy!

When some people think of Disney they think of rushing around but even with so much to see there is something to be said about taking it leisurely. Take the time whilst you are around the park – one of my favourite things is to walk down Main Street and to look at all the windows both at and above eye level.
Another great feature (perfect for pregnant ladies) is scattered throughout the park are lots of benches and covered areas e.g. Arcades on Main Street USA so you’ll be able to take a quiet moment to relax.


  1. Experience the Shows

Currently the Studio park is better to head to for shows with two big theatres Animaque and Cinemaque, as well as Stitch Live! and Art of Animation. Obviously, we have to mention the amazing night time shows which Disney produce. On our latest trip, it was the Season of the Force and the projection mapping on the legendary Tower of Terror was incredible.


  1. Take a drawing class

This hidden gem is housed within Art of Animation where you can watch two films on animation and the process of developing a character. Once you have left the final theatre, on your left hand side there is a drawing class set up. Each class gives you the opportunity to draw a different character, which they announce at the start of the class. Characters rotate, so you can come back at any time to do a different one, ideal for when the rest of the party want to go on a thrill ride.


  1. Meet some characters
    Disney is teeming with characters at designated meet-and-greets but if you are lucky you can interect with them as they wonder the park! We watched poor Captain Jack Sparrow’s minder have his handful as he was lurking in the caves in Adventureland!

Overall, we found the staff very helpful and knowledgeable making the trip painless and easy. Being able to do virtual queuing meant no long periods of standing up which kept our mother-to-be’s energy levels up and was able to manage whole days in the park (don’t worry we didn’t drag her round everywhere!). We would like to give a big shout out to Rachel our sister-in-law for allowing us to share this magical occasion with her, we can’t wait to be the best Disney Aunties ever!