Rain Rain Go Away, here are a few things to do when it rains

Whilst Disneyland Paris is the happiest place on earth and on the surface it looks very similar to the Californian park, the weather doesn’t always reflect that. Don’t let the rain get you down, here are few things which can’t be dampened by a bit of bad weather.

  1. Take shelter in the arcades
    Head to Main Street USA and explore the Liberty and Discovery Arcades. These ornate arcades were the first of its kind at Disney parks, and designed in mind to help visitors cope with the ever-changing climate in Paris.
  2. Staying on site? Make your way back to your hotel to relax or take a swim
    Take the time to recharge whilst the rain hits, keep an eye on the forecast so you can plan your day around any potential rainfall. You’ll be ready to hit the ground running when rain stops or if it doesn’t stop you can grab reinforcements in the form of waterproofs or a poncho sold in all shops in the hotels or around the parks. They seem to pop up everywhere once the rain appears!
  3. Head to the Studio park
    The Walt Disney Studios have more indoor attractions which makes this park a great spot to go to for shelter. It hosts over four different of shows including: Cinemagique, Mickey and the Magician and Stitch live! Not to mention Armageddon, Studio Tram Tour, Crush’s coaster, Tower of terror, Ratatouille and Rock n’ Rollercoaster also being under cover.
  4. Wait in Videopolis for storm to blow over
    This large dining area in Discoveryland has lots of seating, access to food and entertainment with shows often on or at the very least a steady stream of cartoons. What better way is there to dry off and be out of the rain.
  5. Jump on the Railway
    Whilst not fully covered (so long as you’re not the one sat by the door), this ride around Disneyland Paris will take you on a trip to outreaches of the park.
  6. Take a shopping trip down Main Street USA
    Explore some of the fine establishments on Main Street USA, the best part is because they’re all interlinked you don’t need to go outside to get to the next one. If you’re looking for waterproofs – coats, umbrellas or ponchos, your best bet is along Main Street (or Les Legends d’Hollywood – in the front lot of the Studios) although most shops will bring them out when the weather turns.
  7. Experience the dark rides
    Some of the best rides across the lands and parks are dark rides. Join the 999 happy haunts in Phantom manor or escape with Remy in Ratatouille.
  8. Sip a hot drink at Hakuna Matata
    Located in Adventureland, this great establish has lots of indoor seating and is a great place to pick up a hot chocolate to warm you up.
  9. See what Disney Village has to offer
    Full of shopping and dining experiences, relax and sample what the entertainment district has to offer. Again, most of the shops are interlinked so you can happily mooch along them all without going outside.