Also known as the ‘Le Rendez-vous Gourmand de Disneyland Paris’ this summer/Halloween food festival takes over the Walt Disney Studio Park at Disneyland Paris.

This year it ran between July 10th and 13th October and seems to be coming an annual tradition, which I hope stays in the years to come.

To see how much the festival has changed since its inaugural fest, two years ago see my previous article for more details. Each year it keeps coming back bigger and better, a trend I hope continues.


The food huts themselves are split into two sections 1) if you head towards Ratatouille: The Adventure you’ll encounter food showcasing different regions of France and their delicacies they are known for.

Starting near the ride entrance leading you into Toy Story land you will find as follows:

Bretagne, offering you fresh crepes made how you like it (just ask if you don’t want mushrooms like I did!).

Alsace, has a more German flare offering pretzel and sauerkraut.

Eclaire & gourmandise, looked just as delicious as it sounded, I think of this one as the dessert hut.

Les Antilles hosted more Caribbean influences.

Le bar a vin (no explanation needed there 😀 ).

Savoie, will be Malificears first stop as they offer raclette, her favourite French cheesey potato goodness.


Whilst this is the end of the French offering there are more food stands to search out! From here head towards studio tram tour. Food down here comes from different countries around Europe. Except for, the Vegan Kitchen, whilst obviously not an actual country, it’s really good to see these kinds of offerings in the park.



I really liked these gyros.

Belgium, those waffles…

Spain, paella for daaaaaaays!

Italy, had its own pizza oven built in!

Le Bistrot De l’ete or more commonly known as a bar  😀


There were plenty of live performers throughout the day, which is great to see more of in the French parks as I feel it really adds to the atmosphere, similar to that felt in the US parks.

I’m heading back to DLP before the end of the month and I plan to work my way though more of the offerings – wish me luck!

Bon Apetite!