Just a month to go before the 2nd Disneyland Paris RunDisney event. Last year we took part in the Disneyland Paris Inaugural Half Marathon Weekend. Holly, by running the Ratatouille 5K and Lucy, taking part in the half marathon.

Here we both reflect on our journeys.

Holly’s 5k reflections:

I’ve never done a running event before; I’ve always liked the look Disney races mainly because they have such great medals!

DisneyRun Medals

Lucy signed me up for the 5K as a “gift” for my birthday, probably to ensure I didn’t back out. I won’t lie, the training was tough as I had never done any kind of running before, but I persevered and managed to make a plan and mostly stick to it despite a few setbacks. I used the Nike+ running app to track my runs and couch to 5K app to motivate me and guide me through the kinds of distances or duration I should be running along the way.

Running Apps

I did have one minor setback whilst I was training, where I had a disagreement with a pavement! Safe to say the tarmac won, and I lost a lot of skin off my knee and hands. However, I had signed up, paid my accommodation and still wanted to give it my all. I managed to pick myself up and after a few weeks rest, I restarted my training.

The weekend seemed to come around quick and soon it was time to pack, double and triple check we had everything we needed for the race and head to Paris!

Once we arrived on the Friday afternoon, myself and my Mum headed to collect our race packs because it was the last opportunity to do so before the race. There was a buzz of people around Disney Event Arena, a few stands had set up at the exhibition, but there was nowhere near as many as you see advertised for the American races. I hope this will improve as the race gets more popular in subsequent years.

RunDisney Race Number and Medal

The Race

I was nervous at the starting line; however, the atmosphere and people were amazing. I loved seeing the costumes some of the runners were wearing. My favourite was a guy dressed as Chef Linguini from Ratatouille, complete with a Disneyland plate and croissant taped to his hand.

The race started and finished back in Disney Village, near to the stage and I managed to complete it in 50minutes. Whilst I am aware it is not the fastest anyone has ever run a 5k, I had a great time running through the parks, and glad I put in the time and effort to be able to keep running the whole way through (including going back to wait for my Mum).

RunDisney Route through Disneyland Paris

Running through both Disneyland and the Studio Park was magical and everything I hoped it would be. Setting off early morning meant it was still dark and as we went down Main Street USA all the lights were still on – my favourite kind of Main St view.

Scattered throughout the park were a host of characters out to meet the runners, from Woody to Darth Vader. I was keen to finish the course and keep moving so I didn’t stop but next time I won’t pass up the photo opportunities, but I’m not sure I would get a photo with everyone as some people were.

I look forward to doing another 5K or maybe 10K in the future at either Disneyland Paris or one of the US Disney Parks. Although not sure how I will cope with the heat in the States! Unfortunately, now Lucy has read this and is planning my next birthday present (Mwahahaha).

Together as a group we raised money for MND and Prostate Cancer UK which are charities close to our hearts. After a hearty effort from all – and really very generous donations from our friends and family which definitely kept us going during training, we managed to raise over almost £6,000, through our just giving page:

We’d like to thank everyone for their support, as it made such a big difference.

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