Announced on 1st October, Disneyland Paris will be holding its first ever original fan event. Taking place next year during the first weekend of June, Disney are pulling out all the stops to get fans from around the world to visit the parks.

They have already announced a star-studded line up including:

  1. Parades and shows
    Their website already hints at a Duck Tales parade and a stage show featuring Goofy’s son Max.

  1. One of a kind and rare Disney character appearances
    If the characters present at the announcement are anything to go by, we should expect characters from Zootopia, Inside Out and Big Hero 6. I would love to see Baymax in the park as he currently is only in Disneyland Shanghai and Epcot at Walt Disney World.
    At the event there will be over 50 characters including classics such as Roger Rabbit, Bolt and Clarabelle.

  1. Exclusive evening event
    The FanDaze inaugural event will kick off with a party at Walt Disney Studios Park.

Photo Credit: Electroland Facebook

  1. Limited edition souvenirs
    The event will bring a whole host of exclusive, one of a kind souvenirs from pins to t-shirt and kitchenware. As an avid collector, I’m very excited for the opportunity to get access to some unique pins.
    I loved the exclusive merchandise at the Harry Potter fan event, hopefully Disney will match this opportunity.
  2. Disneylicious Treats
    Disney never misses the opportunity to release unique themed food and drink for any occasion (see Halloween, Christmas and birthdays), we can’t wait to track and try new treats around the park.

We are excited about this announcement, as lifelong Disney fans and of the Disney parks. They even encourage guests to come dressed as your favourite character I might go Maleficent and Lucy is looking for an excuse to pull out her wedding dress to come as Princess Tiana.

We look forward to keeping you updated and seeing you all there!