Just a month to go before the 2nd Disneyland Paris RunDisney event. Last year we took part in the Disneyland Paris Inaugural Half Marathon Weekend. Holly, by running the Ratatouille 5K and Lucy, taking part in the half marathon.

We have put together our top 9 tips for preparing for a RunDisney race:

  1. Make sure you are fit enough before you attempt the race
    • A simple training regime over a couple of months is plenty of time to make sure you can cross the finish line – still in one piece.
  2. Give yourself plenty of time to train
    • Training can be fun, but life gets in the way, it can get stressful keeping up with a tight time budgeted training plan. Make a realistic plan to aim to get your mileage up a couple of weeks before your race.
  3. Find a buddy of the same ability to train with
    • There is no greater feeling than progressing in running, but it’s even better when you have someone to share it with. Lucy: My husband is a much faster runner than I am and it would take me months to get up to the same fitness level as him, so find someone who can share in your triumphs… instead of one upping you all the time and making your small victories seem just that, small. If you can’t find anyone then remind yourself that everyone is different, and you can only compare your training to the runs you did the week before.
  4. Invest in a good set of trainers
    • We can both agree that appropriate footwear will get you 50% of the way, because trainers that rub are distracting and painful.
  5. Take your time to cultivate a motivational playlist
    • You’ll find as you train that not every song you thought was appropriate is conducive to maintaining pace, or even a good mental state. Positive songs with a fast beat are perfect, our (eclectic mix of) favourites include:
      • “A star is born” – Hercules
      • “ET” – Katy Perry
      • “Fester Skank” – Lethal Bizzle
      • “What’s this?” – Nightmare Before Christmas
      • “Dancin [A Catchy Rhythm]” – Disney Parade
      • “Can’t Hold Us” – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
      • “Perfect Day” – Hoku
      • “VIP” – Manic Drive
  1. Try to eat right
    • Increased time exercising increases hunger levels, but with a little more research eating better would have been beneficial to our training programs. Lean meats and plenty of fruits and vegetables are obviously going to better prepare you, but you can’t be perfect all the time!
  2. Pack everything you think you need twice
    • The best piece of advice we were given is to pack your favourite pair of socks, and a backup; pack the top you want to wear, and a spare. You never know how you are going to feel on race day and giving yourself options on the morning will help reduce stress levels before the race.
  3. Make sure you wear in your gear
    • If you are going to buy new shoes, socks or leggings make sure you have done a couple of training runs in them. Never wear anything brand new on race day, it could cause chaffing were you never expected and throw you off completely!
  4. Fundraise
    • Motivation through winter months, or even in summer when it starts to get warmer can be hard to keep going. We raised money for two charities that were really important to us, and this really helped group training morale. Not only do you get the wonderful feeling of completing a life goal in the most magical place in the world but also you helped others doing it, amazing!

Good luck to everyone who takes part in a RunDisney event in the future.

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