Last week Lucy was very fortunate to be treated to afternoon tea by her dear friend, and because it was Disney themed we thought it would be worth a mention!

You can find it in the basement of Cutter & Squidge, a bakery in Soho (London) just down the street from The Prince Edward Theatre where Aladdin The Musical is currently playing. I didn’t have time to see the show, but I imagine two combined would be the perfect way to spend a day with your Disney loving bestie.

As you enter the basement, the magic and wonder begin…

There are heaps of treasure everywhere and the décor is just perfect!

First, you get to order your tea, we went for Moroccan mint – because, when in Rome!

When it arrived, it came in a magic lamp themed teapot that could have been straight out of the show!

And yes, the table is sparkling gold too….

The Moroccan tea was made with fresh mint leaves, just the way I like it. It was a good accompaniment to the food because it was a nice palate cleanser to jump between sweet and savoury (and back again!).

We also opted for the prosecco, just to make everything that extra bit magical, the afternoon tea on its own is £29.50, and £34.50 with prosecco. There is also a child’s option, which is a smaller portion (at a smaller cost too!).

Moments after we had sat down and ordered our tea, the first course was up.

A Genie’s Welcome: This was a sort of raspberry and pomegranate creamy/yoghurt mix topped with some wisps of candy floss (cotton candy) and a meringue we had to break through – very imaginative and delicious!

Though, be careful when taking children, as I saw the little girl on the table next to ours get a bit over enthusiastic breaking her meringue and smashed the glass into her dessert…

Once we had finished this, our afternoon tea stand arrived, chock full of delights and an additional plate with sandwiches accompanied it! It was safe to say we were overloaded with food, and neither of us managed to finish everything we were given. We gave it a jolly good try though!

Yep, everything is served on golden platters, all the cutlery is gold and the tea set has a gold trim… the theming is executed brilliantly!

First to the sandwiches: coronation chicken, cucumber and mint and cheese and tomato jam. All good, a pretty standard run of the mill, but tasty selection.

The Desert Rose Tart (pictured with the sandwiches), Savoury Scone Swirls and Golden Cheese Clouds were great additions to the savoury selection. A twist on the usual (in my opinion) boring scone was a welcome change. I was obviously so obsessed with them that I ate them before taking a photo… If you look close enough you can see them on the bottom tier of the cake stand.

Let’s move onto something sweeter.

Raspberry & Rose Tart sprinkled with Emeralds: such a bold flavour from such a small tart.

Magic Carpet Cookies: very light biscuit (sugar cookie) with a very delicate design so they look just like carpet!

Golden Treasure Biskie: these did actually have a hidden surprise, what I thought was going to be a generic Malteaser or a lump or chocolate contained a caramel centre and it was great! It complimented the soft (macaron-like) biscuit perfectly. The gold leaf decoration on top just added to the opulence of the meal.

Hidden Gem Macaron: Peanut butter and raspberry jam macaron, need say more. Except that – the cocoa lamp detail is adorable and genius!

Ruby Dream Cake: now I saved this one till last as it was in my eyes – perfection. The vanilla sponge was light and perfectly complimented by the strawberry filling. I spent the meal trying bits of everything, so that I could get a taste for everything but not leave there feeling sick, but I could not put this one down. The addition of Abu’s ruby on the top just really brought it all together for me, a very well thought out selection of cakes and pastries.

As we paid we were given a final parting gift – some treasure of our own!

Which is handy because it was almost too tempting to grab some off the walls for ourselves!

This wonderfully immersive experience is one I would recommend as a gift to ANY Disney fan. The décor is amazing, down to every golden teaspoon. They even have Disney music playing out through the speakers and it’s just all-round Dis-tastic.

The service was great, I definitely think it is worth the money as I did not need to eat for the rest of the day!

Thanks Cutter and Squidge for a great experience!