This hidden gem should be done by all Magic Kingdom goers. There aren’t many things you can do inside the park without waiting in the queue or spending money. We found it perfect for the middle of the day when we had no FastPass and ride queues were long, you can experience this extra bit of magic whilst you are there and most people don’t even know it exists.


What is it?

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is an interactive game where you explore the Magic Kingdom on foot, defeating Villains using spell cards through magic portals.

Guided by Merlin (Sword in the Stone) you must quest to protect the Magic Kingdom from Hades (Hercules) who is hell bent to take over it by stealing magic crystals.

It is great fun and you find unique parts of the park you might not otherwise come across. You can do it at your own pace, taking breaks where needed and it is suitable for both kids and adults.


How to play

Head to Firehouse at Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom, this is located on the left as you walk into the park next to City Hall.

Here you wait in line to sign up to become Merlin’s apprentice and they set you up with instructions on how the games work and give you all the tools you need.

You’ll be given a key card (or they will link it to your magic band) which will access the magic portals. You are also given your own pack of spell cards (one pack per person in your party – see below), these are what you will use to fight the Villains. Each card has a different hero and spell on, which you use when told to at the portals.

The more you use one card the more powerful it becomes, if you look along the side of the card it will give you an indication of what the power will be.

Top Tip: Parents – make sure to get yourself a pack of cards too, each player gets a set, which is around 6 cards. If you don’t feel up to it (doubtful), it just means there are more cards to go around and more spells to try.


You’ll get a map marking where all the magic portals are found in the lands. Currently there are only four lands in which to play – Main Street USA, Liberty Square, Adventureland and Fantasyland.

Once set up and you’ve run through your training with Merlin himself, he will tell you where to go next. Simply follow the map to get there, be sure to use the building shapes on the map to help navigate to the portals, as some of them are tucked away.

When you get to the magic portal use your key (or magic band) to open it up to start the story or continue your previous mission.

There are symbols on the floor to show you were to stand to get the best experience possible.

There are 9 different stories, but you only need to complete four to become a “Master Sorcerer”. Keep a hold of your cards as you can reuse them again and again, some people collect them in special binders or boxes.


A few helpful hints from me to you

Each mission will take around 20-30 minutes, and you only do one mission per land before you move on to the next one,  you cannot move lands until your current mission is complete.

As I mentioned before, get as many spell packs as possible as there are loads of different characters to try. There are a few overlaps within packs, but you can always swop with fellow Apprentices.

You can play with as many cards and people as you want, but I would recommend maximum four people per group, due to size restrictions at some of the portals. You can hold up multiple spell cards at once and this will combine your spells together –  its awesome!

Register your spell card by pointing it at the window, there will be two cameras facing you which are used to capture it. Hold it around chest height and give it a little wave if it doesn’t register right away.

On our last trip one of the portals wasn’t working which meant we got stuck, unfortunately there isn’t much you can do other than inform a cast member (and presumably reset back at the firehouse).

There are 9 different Villains so if you keep going throughout the lands you’ll get to see them all. Also, don’t be surprised if you cross paths with other sorcerers who are on a different part of story or different villain, it is randomised to spread people around the park


I hope this was helpful and that you are successful in helping Merlin defeat Hades and save the Magic Kingdom. Good luck Sorcerers!