As a follow up to #Top9ThingsToDoInNYC, Lucy felt it important to guide you towards foods that made her trip, and where to find them. Included in each point is a location, but some of these are just generic NYC eats your trip desperately needs.


  1. Pizza – Picasso Pizzeria, 303 South End Ave, New York, NY 10280.

This specific location I would highly recommend, because it was perfectly located between getting off the ferry from Ellis Island and heading to the One World Observatory. The service was friendly and fast, and for three slices and a drink it was less than $15 (can’t remember exactly). Have you even been to New York if you haven’t eaten pizza by the slice?

despite my expression, I am in my happy place


  1. Breakfast Diner food – Juniors

Juniors was recommended to me by our older sister who visited New York in November. We went out of courtesy, as she was adamant we should go there, and now I press it’s importance this onto you. There are two locations in Manhattan, and we tried them both! The 45th street restaurant is smaller, but they both provided us with outstanding service and delicious fresh breakfasts. Filled with locals fuelling up before a day’s holiday shopping, so you know it’s good. Reasonably priced at $40 set us both up for a day of exploring, I think it was a bargain. We didn’t need to eat again till late afternoon despite being on our feet all day!

The theming is very 1950s and very neon, and apparently their cheesecake is legendary.


  1. Beer – Heartland Brewery/Jimmy’s Corner/Brooklyn Brewery

Trying local brews is an important part of our holidays, if we can also squeeze in a brewery trip then that’s a win! Here are a few places we found that had a great selection of beers:

  • Heartland Brewery: right next to the Empire state building. It was a great place to people watch (we had a seat right next to the window), but also the basement is huge so even at its busiest I think you could still get a table. It’s the perfect place for a pitstop during a busy day of sight-seeing.

  • Brooklyn Brewery: highlighted in our previous article, this place had a great selection of delicious beers, brewed on site. Hipster vibes and comfortable surround made it a nice break on a rainy day.

  • Jimmy’s corner: our hotel was right next door, so we had passed this place a few times and when it was suggested as a good place to go in our Lonely Planet guidebook, we couldn’t resist it any more. It was everything you would expect from the outside, a bit grotty, but mostly just a homely place to sit and have a drink. Beers here cost half the price of those in the Hard Rock café, only 100m away!


  1. Pretzel – Any stand

This is a no brainer, they’re on every corner of every block, they’re fresh and they make for a very affordable and filling dinner!


  1. Italian food – ViceVersa, West 51st Street, New York, NY, USA

Over 14% of New Yorker’s are Italian American, so it makes perfect sense that the city has some amazing Italian food. We decided to go out for a nice meal one evening, consulted our guide book, verified on Instagram and went to ViceVersa.

Everything we ate was amazing and authentic (see: arancini, lasagne and ravioli), the service was perfect and the cocktails were also delicious!


  1. Southern Style – Fat Bird, 44 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011.

Fried chicken, onion rings, mac and cheese, Brussel sprouts and coleslaw, a hangover heaven.

This place was somewhere we stumbled upon by Chelsea Market, slightly hungover and wanting some comfort food. This really hit the spot and the service, was almost too good. Is there any better feeling than finding the perfect mac and cheese, when you need it most? No.


  1. Donuts – Donut Plant, 220 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011.

Festive mint chocolate filled donut – AMAZING!

This is a good location for a pitstop if you are headed downtown, or walking back towards midtown. It had a great selection of treats to try, and we popped in after we had walked off our Fat Bird (see above), the perfect dessert before bed!

What do you get when you cross a cinnamon roll with a donut?


  1. Coffee – Bluestone Lane

What better way to start your day than a fresh coffee? This was just what we needed before we traversed across the Brooklyn Bridge.


  1. Sweet Treats – Carlo’s Bakery

We couldn’t resist visiting one of America’s most famous pastry chef’s establishments to see what all the hype was about. Don’t be put off by the queue, the staff work tirelessly to take your order and process it in minimal time, getting you to your pastries in no time at all!

Everything was delicious, but very rich so make sure you go with an empty stomach and a sweet tooth!

I hope you enjoyed reading that as much as I enjoyed eating it, I would love to know any of your recommendations for our next trip!